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Hi! I am Deb Selway and I am here to share with you my journey of becoming Happy and Joyous! It hasn’t necessarily been an easy road but I reckon if I can make it, anyone can!

Throughout my life I have been an educator, a trainer, a speaker, and more recently an EFT practitioner and soon to be a fully qualified counselor. I have a PhD in Humanities, throughout which I studied the lives of seven Women of Spirit and figured out just what it took for those women to become spirited women. I studied spiritual women because I wanted to be like them. During that process I picked up some really neat tips from them about what it means to live a happy and fulfilled life that is empowered by spirit.

Here in my blog I am going to start sharing some those tips with you. Step by step I’ll be offering you their wisdom and a bit of my own homegrown common-sense for good measure. Please join me on that journey and in the process, over the next week or so, I’m going to invite you to download the first of a series of women of spirit stories. Do keep collecting them because together they will make a whole book!

On this Blog I want to begin hearing from you about what it means be counseled. Because, as Frazier Crane says: “I’m Listening!”


What are you looking for in a great counselor?

Here’s what I look for…

I am a bit old fashioned… I believe that true counseling means to really connect with the person in a loving and giving way, and to want the very best for that person, to help them grow, to inspire them, to ignite their passion for life and to delight in their journey.

You know, counselors in the old days, before qualifications meant everything, were the village shamans or priests, the local crones or the witch doctors – those that could help you heal your spiritual body along with the physical. Nowadays, we tend to compartmentalize and separate the spiritual from the physical – and rarely the ‘twain’ doth meet, especially in a counseling session.

It is my intention to change that trend! To bring counseling and spirituality together, to offer to you, regardless of your spiritual/religious background, the opportunity to embrace the power of your spirit, body mind and soul and to relish in the joy of Being.

But to do so, I am going to need your help. Please let me know, what you are looking for in a great counsellor. I’ll be hanging my counsellor’s shingle out on Skype on 1 January 2013. But before I do that I want to know what good counseling means to you.

I look forward to hearing your views because I’m here to serve You! That is my journey of spirit!

Spiritual hugs to you!

PS Amazing Art Work by Raquel Redmond

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