What is EFT?


EFT is a therapeutic technique that combines the ancient art of acupressure (no needles!) with modern day psychology to literally tap into your emotions and to release them.

EFT is particularly effective for emotional issues such as: – anxiety – phobias (of any variety) – building self esteem – changing unwanted behaviours – grief and trauma In some cases EFT can also help physical ailments and is a useful tool for pain reduction (see the video below).

There is no other therapeutic technique I have seen that works faster than EFT to help you dissolve away fears, phobias, anxieties and sadness.  I have been using this technique personally for years and it has transformed my life.  I know it can help transform yours. 

The technique was developed by Gary Craig and can be seen demonstrated here in this video:

EFT is an easy to learn practice that can help you enormously, both in and out of the therapeutic counselling session.  During our session I will teach you how to use EFT, to reduce your anxiety; take the sting out of strong emotions like hatred, grief, loss, jealousy and anger; and even improve your physical health and well being.

You can see more about how EFT works and all the research here. EFT tapping transforms lives.  I know that because I see it create miracles almost every day in my practice.

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