EFT Tapping Circle for Cairns

EFT Tapping Circle for Cairns (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Well, it’s time to get active, and we are doing just that in Cairns. My friend and colleague Susan Scarrow (Personal Peace Clinic www.personalpeace.com.au and I are starting up a Tapping Circle for Cairns.

That means that every Wednesday night, starting from June, we’ll be running a Tapping Circle. For the cost of a gold coin donation, anyone can come along and tap away the worries and frustrations of the day, the week, or a lifetime. WOW! I can’t wait.

Anybody who’s done EFT independently or in a therapeutic setting knows the real results that EFT can bring quickly, easily and painlessly. I personally have been tapping for years and I’ve seen some of my long held anxieties and phobias simply melt away with the simplicity of EFT.

For those of you who don’t know the technique, it was developed by Gary Craig in the US and relies on tapping on acupressure points (known for thousands of years in Eastern medicine) while at the same time focusing on ridding ourselves of the emotions and feelings we don’t want to experience and carry around with us in life (e.g., anxieties, frustrations, grief, pain, sadness, anger and anything really that brings you down and gets in the way of you embracing and enjoying a joyous life). You can learn more about EFT at www.eftuniverse.com.au Here’s the intro video link for you http://youtu.be/9jTNHHTxG40

A Tapping Circle is fun because we get to tap along together, share each others process and even ‘borrow benefits’ in the group tapping session to tap for ourselves while at the same time helping others tap through their challenges. I can assure you, you won’t be bored – you will have a blast! So if you are in Cairns and free on a Wednesday evening, come along and have a Tapping Good Time!

Email me to get full details on: deb@spiritedpsych.com

More on EFT Tapping on my blog later. Don’t forget to watch the video, its great!

Big Spiritual Hugs,


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