EFT Tapping Circle for Women – Brisbane

 EFT Tapping Circle for Women in Brisbane!circlepeeps

I’m excited to offer an EFT Tapping Circle for Women the  second Tuesday of every month 7.00-8.30 pm in West End, Brisbane.   You can join our group by visiting:  MeetUp Brisbane Women’s EFT Tapping Circle here.

What is a Tapping Circle?

An EFT Tapping Circle is a wonderful opportunity for people to come together to tap together as a group for the  benefit of each individual in the group (using the EFT borrowing benefits concept).  The group can tap on generic issues such as pain, anxiety, saddness and any other issues as determined by individuals needing support in the group.

aametLogoGroups are usually run by AAMET qualified practitioners (as Deb is), to help share this wonderful technique with the community at little cost to the individual.  (e.g., Deb’s 1 hr circle is only $5 per person)

EFT Tapping Circle Format

The format for the EFT Women’s Tapping Circle – Brisbane will commence with an introductory meditation and a brief overview of the EFT tapping technique for those unfamiliar with the technique.  Then we get started tapping – beginning with some generic tapping, for example for pain or anxiety.  After that, we may burrow deeper on a specific issue dependent upon the group concensus.  Upon closing we do a short healing and gratitude meditation and finish up with a blessing for the group.

Blooming LotusA Safe and Spiritually Uplifting Circle for Women

The EFT Tapping Circle for Women is a safe and spiritually uplifting environment were each woman can feel supported, loved and cared for.  Women from all spiritual backgrounds are welcome and deep respect for all spiritual paths prevails.

Women may raise issues aloud or they may simply think about an issue when tapping with the group.   There is no need or requirement for women to publicly share any of their issues.

What Does Borrowing Benefits Mean?

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT says this: “In essence, it involves tapping along with someone else’s issue while watching an EFT session (either live or on video) and thus “Borrowing Benefits” for yourself.”

So, an EFT Tapping Circle is an ideal environment to ‘borrow benefits’ as we tap along together.  The reason borrowing benefits works so well, is that we as humans have parallell issues (like sadness, anxiety, grief, pain) that are part of the human condition.  We can help tap away our own pain as we help others do the same.


Image from: jewelryandgemsforselfdiscovery.com

Image from: jewelryandgemsforselfdiscovery.com

What Can I Expect in a Tapping Circle?

You can expect to feel the energy of love and support and often people will have amazing results during and after the Tapping Circle experience.

As Gary Craig says, it’s not a 100% perfect, but it does have awesome results:

“It’s not perfect. We don’t get 100%. But neither does conventional therapy. I’ve led audiences of several hundred people through Borrowing Benefits (Easy EFT) – …and, invariably, about 85% report positive results. Further, upon discussions with the remaining 15%, I learned that most of them didn’t follow the instructions properly. The bottom line here is that impressive benefits are available to anyone willing to learn the process.”  Gary Craig

Once Learned You Can EFT Tapping for Yourself Anytime

Once EFT is learned you get to use it forever to help change and heal your life!  You don’t have to wait each month for the Tuesday night tapping circle, it’s yours to use forever.


Want to come to the Brisbane Women’s Tapping Circle?  Just head over to Meet Up and search for “EFT Women’s Tapping Circle” and RSVP (investment on the night just $5) or just Contact Me here and let me know you are coming.

I look forward to meeting you!

Happy tapping!eft1



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