Giving Appointments



Giving Appointments are available to those who hold a Centrelink Concession Card and would like to book in for an appointment with Deb but find, due to financial duress, they cannot afford the standard fee.
Each week Deb puts aside TWO GIVING APPOINTMENTS in her counselling diary to be offered BY DONATION ONLY!  
To have a  Giving Appointment with Deb and all you need to offer in return is a token of your appreciation (any amount that you can afford), to be placed into the Giving Box (held in the Deb’s counselling office).  It doesn’t matter if you can offer 5c, $1 or more – it’s the giving that counts.
All proceeds from the Giving Box will, in turn, be donated by Deb to the local Cairns YAPS animal shelter.
Yes, it’s the Pay It Forward principle in action!pay-it-forward
To book a Giving Appointment call Deb on 0417 888 243 or use this Contact link to email her to book in advance. Bookings are limited.