Q & A

What is Hypnosis?  

Hypnosis is a gentle natural state of being.  We are all hypnotized and in a trance state every single day – whenever we sit in front of the TV and become so absorbed that we don’t notice when someone has spoken to us. Or when we are drifting off to sleep, and upon awakening – it’s that gentle, relaxed, calm feeling at those times that is the hypnotic state.

Will I cluck like a chicken?

Nooo!  Clucking like a chicken is for stage hypnosis and for fun – the people who volunteer for stage hypnosis are up for it, are often extraverts, and like to be involved just for fun.

Therapeutic hypnosis is very different. It is designed for you to change your life in positive and therapeutic ways.  When working with Deb she will always engage you in exploring the types of changes you would like to make in your life so that, while in hypnosis, your subconscious mind can help you make truly sustainable and positive changes in your life.

Will I hear you talking to me when I’m under hypnosis?

Sometimes you will and sometimes you won’t.  It’s just like when you drift off in a classroom or a meeting, you’ll remember some things but not necessarily everything because you’ve drifted off into a pleasant trance-like state of being.  But be re-assured, your subconscious mind will be listening to every positive and helpful suggestion being made to you.

Will I need multiple hypnosis sessions to fix my issue?

For best results three (3) sessions are recommended:  Initial consultation; Consolidation (within 2 weeks) and Follow-up (within 2 months).

However, it depends on the issue, the person, the depth and complexity of the challenge you are experiencing and the willingness of your conscious and subconscious mind to embrace change.  Positive change can be experienced after just one session, with great results.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes.  Some people, however, are more easily hypnotised than others. But basically, if you are willing to follow instructions, you can be hypnotized.

I know hypnosis has worked for other people but will it work for me?

Yes. You don’t have to believe in hypnosis for hypnosis to work for you!   Just give it a try and see for yourself – the proof is in the results.

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