Client Testimonials – Counselling, Hypnosis & EFT:

Dove Light

“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you: your skills, passion and presence in my world, my life.  Your intrinsic calm, gentleness and wisdom shape the way you address the needs and concerns of others.  … I know you will continue to pass on your gifts – yourself to others, so they too may be healed.”  C.K., Brisbane

“Deb has developed an amazing combination of EFT and Hypnosis that really works to free the body of common emotional and physical afflictions like grief, fear, anxiety, and healing post-surgery, as well as many other ailments. I trust her implicitly and recommend her highly.” Dr Barbara Piscitelli  

“My cardiologist is intrigued at how well I’ve healed after open heart surgery.  Deb gave me a hypnosis session in my first week of recovery and I just felt so much lighter after that.  To top it off, I’d lost my sense of smell 2 1/2 years ago after a sinus operation.  Deb addressed that under hypnosis as well.  Within a week my sense of smell was back!  I’ve been amazed at how well hypnosis has worked.”  KO, Cairns

“I first met Deb at a very difficult moment in my life and, although EFT is a wonderful self help tool, her insight and understanding together with her skill and ease of finding the right words as an eft practitioner and counsellor helped me tremendously during this time. I later experienced Deb also as a hypnotherapist and it still resonates with me. Her monthly EFT circle is an evening that I would not want to miss: women working on their issues together,  sharing and supporting each other  – wonderful!”  DS, Brisbane

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am able to go out and be myself now, no more stress.  It feels great thanks. Big hug!”  JR  – a teenager who previously had severe social anxiety.

“When Deb Selway works with clients or groups, there is a feeling of safety and yet also of challenge to gently guide you to reach out to be the best version of yourself you can be.  I highly recommend Deb to anyone who is ready to heal and move on from the past, so that they can shine in their future.”  Suzanne Scarrow, Psychologist, EFT MasterTrainer


Tapping Circle Testimonials:Prayer Hands

 A positive and safe space to share, challenge your beliefs and heal.” Elise

“Really great love it. Highly recommended. Moves me every time.”  Eliza

“Uplifting and positive experience.” Shanye

“How great to come together with a wonderful group of women supporting each other and breaking free of emotional blocks. I expect to have a long relationship with this Group.” Judy

 Just what the Doctor ordered ” Karen

 Wonderful event, lovely group of women. So glad to have found it! ” Rike