Women of Spirit – The Launch is Coming!

Women of Spirit

This will be a resurrection of sorts! In 1995 Longman published my book: “Women of Spirit”. Here’s a picture of the front cover (gorgeous art by my friend Rachel Redmond):

I’m called Deborah on the cover, although why I did that I don’t know – maybe I wanted to feel grown up – but my mother only ever called me Deborah when she was cross with me! LOL

Anyhow, the book contains biographies of some wonderfully spirited women from the following spiritual traditions:

– Anglican
– Australian Aboriginal
– Buddhist
– Hindu
– Islam
– Judaism
– Roman Catholic

All of the women are wonderful and all of them have stories of struggle and inspiration to tell.

I’m sure you’ll love it because the women are very real, with very real stories to tell.

I now have copyright back from the publisher and I’m about to do something I’ve been dying to do for ages…. I’m going to offer my book for FREE to everyone. Yep, FREE!

Here’s how it’s gonna happen… I’m going to put a newsletter sign-up space on my website this week, and when you fill it out you’ll begin to receive not only my newsletter but a one chapter at a time download of the book “Women of Spirit”! And during that time, as you read each chapter, I will be wanting to hear from you about the stories –

– what resonates with you?
– what inspires you?
– what surprises you?
– how are you nurturing your own spirit to become ALL that you were placed on this earth to be?

The more we talk and blog, the more we can help each other stay on track to becoming the spirited people we long to be in our own lives.

Now, when I say it’s Women of Spirit – it’s for GUYS too! Spirited lives aren’t gender specific are they! We can always learn from each other even though Men are supposed to be from Mars and women from Venus – one thing’s for sure, we’re all made of the same ‘Star Stuff’! So guys, you are welcome to put your ‘two cents worth’ in too.

So, Where Do You Get the Book???? !!!

Well, hang in with me…. I’m working real fast and real hard to make it happen! I’m about to set up my Newsletter sign-in on this Blog site. As soon as that’s done, you will be able sign up for the my Free Newsletter, and the first installment of the book “Women of Spirit” will be sent to you.

So, watch this space! I can’t wait to do this…I’ve been wanting to do this for ages!

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